Pitch Management, Contracting and Compliance

We design and execute the pitch management process to help marketing, procurement, and finance teams to select the right agencies and, importantly, to have the right contract in place.

We create a tailored process for each client which can include all the steps ranging from devising the agency list to briefing, presentations, fee negotiations, services contracts and setting KPIs. Our aim is to set the tone for agency/client relations, lay the foundations for high performance and minimise all areas of risk.

Five key questions we answer for our clients

FLE Marsh  Which media agency is the right fit for our business?

FLE Marsh  What remuneration system best suits my business?

FLE Marsh  Which agency has the best tools and how are they used?

FLE Marsh  What should we include in our agency contract to ensure transparency and optimal performance?

FLE Marsh  How can I judge the media teams in terms of experience and charge out rates?

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FLE Marsh, Pitch Management, Contracting and Compliance