Bespoke Training on Media

As media becomes more complex, we can help marketing departments become more confident at managing communications and managing agencies.

We deliver tailored courses and workshops to improve our clients’ understanding of media terminology, research, principles and processes, both in digital and offline. This understanding gives the clients’ teams the confidence to challenge their agency thinking and improve overall performance from their advertising activities.

Five key questions we answer for our clients

FLE Marsh  How do we make sure our media budget is being managed effectively and efficiently?

FLE Marsh  Are we on top of the important trends, terminology and processes in media and digital?

FLE Marsh  How can we be confident in challenging our agency partners?

FLE Marsh  What should I be looking for in a media strategy document?

FLE Marsh  What KPIs should we put in place for both online and offline media?

Do you have a question that needs answering?

  • “Ebiquity Marsh offers continual training for our marketers to increase their level of knowledge in the media arena and better their ability to ask the right questions and to challenge for the better of their brand output.” Sharon Walsh, Marketing Director, Heineken Ireland