Digital Ad Viewability

Ad viewability is a measure of how often an online display ad has the opportunity to be seen. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB US), a digital display ad impression is considered viewable if at least 50% of its total area is visible in a user’s browser window, and remains there for at least one consecutive second.

In Ireland, Ebiquity Marsh leads the way when it comes to independently measuring ad viewability. Over the last two years our team has built up considerable expertise and knowledge in this area. We measure and benchmark client’s viewability and brand exposure duration levels. We also advise on how best to achieve the optimum return from their investment in online display advertising.

Five key questions we answer for our clients

FLE Marsh  Has my agency chosen the most appropriate sites to deliver high viewability rates?

FLE Marsh  Looking beyond clicks, how can I evaluate my brand advertising online?

FLE Marsh  Am I getting value for money from my display campaigns?

FLE Marsh  How long are my ads in view?

FLE Marsh  What KPI’s should I be setting for my digital activities?

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