Marketing Performance Optimisation

We enable businesses to optimise their performance against the metrics that matter to them, such as footfall, cost per acquisition, sales and profit.

By applying research, analysis and advanced statistical modelling to activity and effect data, we provide our clients with a truly independent and objective view. We help clients to attribute the impact of different marketing communications activity on performance. As a result, our clients can adjust their budgets, media and message mix to improve return on investment.

Five key questions we answer for our clients

FLE Marsh  What is the business impact of our marketing investments?

FLE Marsh  How does seasonality impact the performance of my marketing investment?

FLE Marsh  What impact does competitor activity have on my sales?

FLE Marsh  At what point does my advertising hit diminishing returns?

FLE Marsh  Can I identify the impact of marketing spend on quotes, sales and call volumes?

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